Roots? I prefer wings!

Hi and welcome! My name is Ana FradeIn case we haven't met before, here is the short version of who I am. I still haven't found one simple word to integrate and fully express my multiple passions, talents, and interests. Yeap, I am a "slash".
In Spain, where I lived before coming to US, I had been working as Digital Strategies Consultant for many years, building strategies for businesses to create strong Online Presence.
I started a new life in Houston at the Houston Public Library. The library provides a way for me to combine my love for helping others with my passion for technology. My work allows me to do something useful that has the ability to impact others. I like that.
I love teaching. My passion for teaching takes a whole new level when I teach Spanish. I'm privileged to work as Spanish teacher at Rice University.

A few facts about myself 

I have a confession to make: I'm a TED addict. So much so, I watch one TED talk per day. 
Once you start watching TED talks, ordinary life falls away. 
Even though there are certain TED talks I don't agree with, I love their greed for hope, their ways of talking and thinking.

I admit to being a caffeine addict too. Caffeine plays a very important role in my life. The good news is that I take it in moderation. 
I'm passionate about technology, people, learning and teaching.

I love travel extensively and spend my free time reading, walking, and working on my blogs.
I volunteer at several non-profit organizations.

My academic background is in engineering. I'm an accidental librarian but not so accidental.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiable reader, and curious about people.
Working at a library was something I was destined to do!

This I Believe

I believe in Education. Want to know mine?

I believe in sharing my passions: Speaking and presentations

I believe “Knowledge sharing" as a learning experience for the sharer. I share on: Library Crush & La Segunda Lengua